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Set de Cojines

Every item can be custom order to accommodate your needs. Every style below can be costumed ordered in a variety of color combinations. You can purchase a single item or the whole set. Please call or stop by for more information on products, current promotions and custom options. You can customize and personalize your pillow, photo album, guest book and bible, and small pillow to create an exclusive design.

210 Cojin set1013 Cojin setZebra CojinMaskerade Cojin
109 Cojin Set15 Cojin SetZebra 03
03 Cojin SetStar Cojin SetJuna Cojin Set
Star Cojin Set11 Cojin setE-09 Cojin Set
Cojin 15Star Cojin
candyShooting star e-09Estrella
Harts cojin
Square Fancy
Siempre te amareTulips cojinwoo07lace 27
Includes Cojin, Small Pillow, Photo Album, Guest Book, Pen and Bible, Crystal Rosary.   
** NO DOLL** Special Orders need 4 to 6 weeks and are made in any coordination of colors, English, Spanish, Christian or Catholic Bibles are available. Can be ordered in Store 509-544-9260 with a deposit.